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Windows Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop (RDS/RDP) setup Guide (Windows) This will get you logged on just like you were at your desk - also download bighand software if you plan to use pedal or Dictaphone remotely
Bighand software (Windows only) The last part of the RDS setup guide covers the install of this software
Microsoft .NET Framework update This might be needed if your bighand drivers fail to install. Choose the 'Runtime' link. It's installer will tell you if you already have it, so causes no harm to try.
Using RDS guide Once connected, this may be useful

Apple Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop (RDP) setup Guide (Apple OSX) Use this guide to get logged on to a windows desktop, just like you were in the office - Your Mac requires OSX version 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer to install the Microsoft App. Bighand Devices are not compatible with Apple computers.

iPad/Tablet Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop (RDS) setup Guide (IOS/Android) This App will get you logged on to a remote desktop on your tablet device. A Bluetooth keyboard can be used to closer mimic a laptop experience - Although this will also work for iPhone and Smartphones, it is not advisable due to screen size. 

Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype for Business)
Microsoft Teams Download Page This should be installed on your own device only. Staff allocated machines will already have it. You should not attempt to install on your remote (RDS/RDP) session. Most Windows 10 users will need 64bit windows version (32bit for older versions).
Microsoft Teams Install Guide This instruction sheet is based on a Windows installation. Principles are the same for other devices (guide was originally published via the intranet, so includes navigation to this web page).
Create a Meeting in Microsoft Teams This instruction sheet gives a brief instruction on how to set up a meeting in Teams and add/invite other parties.
Legacy Skype for Business Invitation Guide If you have been sent a link from a Skype for business meeting/hearing you need to use a local web browser view (do not try to use the App). The link needs to be accessed locally via Outlook Web Access (OWA) not on your remote session. Guide to accessing OWA in 'Other Useful links' section

Remote Email Access

Accessing Emails Remotely Via Web Browser Logging on to Outlook Web Access (OWA). Web based, negates the need to log onto remote session for email access.  Alternatively a Smartphone Email App can be used. Please note, the link has changed since we moved to Microsoft 365
Accessing Emails Remotely Via Phone App This guide will assist you in the setup of the Microsoft Outlook email app, available for iPhone and Android in their respective App Stores. Its setup can use the Authenticator App, which is recomended you add first if you havent already.

Other Useful Links

Password Expired? Remotely Reset Here This is the Microsoft 365 link to recover or remotely change your password. It relies on you previously providing either a phone number or non smithpartnership email address to provide a method of authentication. This may have been completed when signing in to teams, or if not, complete HERE

Signing into Outlook Web Access (OWA) still prompts change of expired password.  Login to that with smith\firstname.lastname and your expired password.
You can only change your password once in a 24hr Period